Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney Crown Repairs Marin County Brick and mortar chimneys are capped at the top with a mortar “crown”.  This crown helps prevent any water from getting in behind the brick of your chimney.  Because your chimney is prone to high-heat and then cool periods (expansion and contraction) this repeated cycle will eventually cause the mortar to break down and it can develop cracks.  This is obviously undesirable as water will be able to leak into your home, ruining much more than just your chimney.

Sierra West Construction is a full service chimney and fireplace repair specialists serving all of Marin County and the North Bay area.  We specialize in chimney crown inspections and repairs for chimneys on both homes and businesses throughout our service area.

Chimney Crown Repair Services

  • Chimney Crown Inspections
  • Chimney Crown Repairs
  • Chimney Crown Sealing

If you own a home or property with a brick and mortar chimney then eventually you’re going to need to have the chimney crown repaired.  As your fireplace heats up and cools down possibly hundreds of times over the course of a year the constant expansion and contraction of the mortar will cause it to crack.

As a homeowner you should probably inspect your brick and mortar chimney at least twice a year for chimney crown fractures or cracks that will need to be repaired.  If you find something, or you have no intention of climbing onto your roof and would like the pro’s to take care of it then give Sierra West Construction a call or fill out one of our online forms today.

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