Gas Log Sets

Gas Fireplace Log Sets Marin County

If you have a gas fireplace in your home or building then it’s probably going to have a gas log set that can be changed out or replaced.  The right gas log sets can add more function to your fireplace and help you achieve the right “look” for your interior decorating.

Gas Log Sets are divided into two categories.  There are Vented gas log sets and then un-vented or vent free log sets.  Both of these options have their own advantages and disadvantages. Before you make the final choice with a new gas log set it’s always best to contact a professional fireplace specialist.

Vented Gas Log Sets

  • Must be installed in a wood burning fireplace.
  • Substantial heat loss through chimney.
  • Very realistic, natural flame.

Vent Free Gas Log Sets

  • Produces more heat than vented log sets.
  • Your fireplace must be approved for vent-free log sets.
  • Local building codes differ for vent free log sets.
  • The flame appears less realistic and natural.

Sierra West Construction is a chimney and fireplace contractor based out of Marin County.  We specialize in installing gas log sets into the gas fireplace in your home, business or building.

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