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Chimney Extensions in Marin County and North Bay CA

While they seem pretty simple, Chimneys actually rely on a little science to work correctly.  In the cooler seasons, when you first start your fireplace the column of air inside the chimney can act like a giant cold-plug of cool air.  This cool air must be expelled from the chimney so that the chimney can start “drawing” up the smoke and directing it out and away from your home.  This is called a warm air “siphon”.

If a chimney is too short (or too long) getting it to “draw” correctly can be a challenge.  One way to fix this problem is by extending your chimney.  If your chimney is too short then the siphon or “draw” is easily interfered with by wind, weather and other factors.  If you’re having trouble getting your chimney to draw correctly this could be part of your problem.

It is usually recommended that a chimney be at least 10′ high to attain a really good “draw”.  This means from the fireplace to the top, not just what extends from your roof.  Most fireplace and chimney experts would agree that the chimneys that perform the best are usually between 12 and 16 feet high.

Why Else Would You Need A Chimney Extension?

Sometimes chimneys that are too short can deposit black soot and creosote onto the exterior of your home.  This is obviously unsightly and for this reason we are asked to extend a lot of chimneys for homeowners for the purpose of keeping their home cleaner.  It’s important to work a professional when doing any type of chimney extension because if not calculated correctly the extension could do more harm then good.

Chimney Extensions in Marin County

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  • Chimney Extension Products
  • Chimney Fan Installations

Sierra West Construction is a full service chimney and fireplace specialist based out of Marin County, CA.  We specialize in helping homeowners diagnose their complex chimney problems which often requires us to extend the chimney another few feet (sometimes more).

When you choose Sierra West Construction to assess your chimney extension project you’re partnering with a qualified professional with over 30 years experience in the chimney and fireplace industry.  We’ll work together to come up with a solution that solve your chimney problems once and for all.
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